Finding the Finders

February 4, 2009 at 11:06 am | Posted in Pop culture | 1 Comment

vchaterauthorpreviewRight out of the blue, we happened upon a vivid passage about scavenging in Veronica Chater’s new book Waiting for the Apocalypse. It’s a lively and tender memoir about growing up in a large devoutly Catholic family during the 1970s, and has nothing else to do with scavenging, yet in introducing her two younger brothers, Chater writes: “If there is something lost, Nick and Danny are the ones to find it. Foremost, my brothers are treasure-seekers, scavengers of the world’s lost things. And that requires them to hover just a millimeter above all surfaces, their eyes darting around all the dark places where no one else bothers to look. Nick and Danny never see the view straight ahead where the light is good. They aren’t interested in what can be seen. They’re interested in what lurks in the shadowy crevices. Money, a comb, a pocket knife, a whistle, a pen, a Tootsie Pop, a lighter, a crayon, a dollar bill, a five-dollar bill, a hundred-dollar bill — you never know what you might find. They believe in chance. Chance that has to be snatched quickly and run away with before the opportunity is gone.” Now, those are our kind of kids.

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