Man Claims God Led Him to Buried Treasure

February 11, 2009 at 6:54 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

godshandClaiming to have seen visions of God revealing the location of a buried treasure, a man has hired a crew to conduct an all-out search in southern Louisiana’s bayou country. According to  The Daily Iberian, Mike Hulin and his team have been at it for three months, and “there has been much testimony from workers who … stand behind Hulin’s beliefs that something is there. Workers have said they were skeptical at first, but after witnessing things Hulin predicted come true  at the site, many are now believers.” After the hole they have been digging collapsed four times, they built a safety wall around it to forestall another collapse. No luck, though: It collapsed a fifth time.

“We gave everybody the weekend off after it fell again,” Hulin said. “But when God puts something in your spirit like this, you don’t need much time to come back to it.”

Now Hulin has hired welders to build a metal box that will be dropped into the hole to support the earth surrounding it. An excavating machine will then be dropped into the box.

Aubry Dauterive, one of the first people to dig at the site with Hulin, said Hulin told him he would find something at around 17 feet, and “sure enough, he was right within 2 or 3 feet.” They found a wooden plank which was sent for testing to Louisiana State University.

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