Scavenge Jacko’s Swingset

February 19, 2009 at 10:09 am | Posted in Celebrities | 2 Comments

michael-jackson-glove1In what some are calling the celebrity garage sale of the century, over 2,000 items belonging to the financially strapped Michael Jackson will be sold during a five-day  auction in Beverly Hills, April 21-25. The scavengeables include a gold-framed portrait of Jackson clad in Shakespearean garb; the wought-iron gates from Neverland Ranch, which is now in foreclosure; the singer’s famous jewel-encrusted glove; an antique two-person swing; an original painting by Macauley Culkin; a Peter Pan-themed golf cart, and many more garments, furnishings, and objets du freaky art. This is scavenging for the scavenger-who-has-everything, including beaucoups cash. Bidding for the glove is expected to start at $6,000; for the gates, at $20,000. (The Culkin painting, however, is expected to bring in “under $500.”) Jackson is said to be about $3 million in the red.

A slide show is here.

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