Thrift-Shop Garb Gets a Makeover in Missoula

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08designsThe Project Selvedge Challenge, a scavenger-chic version of TV’s Project Runway, happens every year on Missoula, Montana’s “Hip Strip.” Leah Morrow, owner of the Selvedge Studio fabric boutique, conceived the idea three years ago. Last Friday night, techno music resounded as models wearing altered thrift-shop garb strode a homemade catwalk during the first night of the month-long challenge, in which seven designers vie to create inspiring clothes on what Morrow calls “a recession budget.”

When the challenge began, “each designer headed to Secret Seconds, a thrift store on Broadway, for what Morrow deemed the ‘reconstruction challenge,'” reports the University of Montana newspaper. “They had one week and $25 store credit apiece to purchase and use whatever clothing and accessories they could find,” which they would then adapt to their liking. 

Entrants included a macramé bikini crafted of shredded fabric; designer Rachel Woodward tore her thrift-shop purchases into thin strips, which became her macramé “string.” Weaving the swimsuit took Woodward 24 hours. “Other creations included a rubber-stamped shirt by Gretchen Svee, a striped skirt designed by Chanel Tobin, a karate-inspired number by Ingrid Lovitt, an orange dress by Alison Moon, and a bag by Kathryn Walters.” The challenge continues until April 3.

Winners will receive $500 in fabric from Selvedge Studio, $125 gift certificate to Betty’s Divine boutique, and an oil change.


Scavenged Couch Comes With Surprise Stowaway

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A woman in Spokane, Washington went to the Value Village thrift store, bought a used couch for $27, and brought it home. She lived with the couch for several days before discovering…that a cat was living inside it:

Callie, the accidentally scavenged cat.

Callie, the scavenged cat.

The mysterious mewing in Vickie Mendenhall’s home started about the time she bought a used couch for $27. After days of searching for the source of the noise, she found a very hungry calico cat living in her sofa.

Her boyfriend, Chris Lund, was watching TV on Tuesday night and felt something move inside the couch. He pulled it away from the wall, lifted it up and there was the cat, which apparently crawled through a small hole on the underside.

Mendenhall contacted Value Village, where she bought the couch, but the store had no information on who donated it. So she took the cat to SpokAnimal CARE, the animal shelter where she works, so it could recover, and contacted media outlets in hopes of finding the owner.

Sure enough, Bob Killion of Spokane showed up to claim the cat on Thursday after an acquaintance alerted him to a TV story about it. Killion had donated a couch on Feb. 19, and his 9-year-old cat, Callie, disappeared at about the same time.

Scavenging often turns up unexpected treasures, but rarely are they alive.

More details, along with a video of the scavenged cat, at The Spokane Spokesman-Review.

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