Cookbook Author Seeks Czar’s Buried Treasure

March 14, 2009 at 9:51 am | Posted in News | 1 Comment

2008638523The Romanovs’ treasure is buried in Mongolia, according to an eighty-year-old American socialite who now wants to find it and dig it up. According to many sources including, Patte Barham claims that her stepfather, Prince George Meskhi-Gleboff, buried the jewels in Mongolia in 1917: “Meskhi-Gleboff was an assistant to the Russian czar’s treasurer and told [Barham] that Czar Nikolas II’s wife, Empress Aleksandra, instructed him to flee with the jewels ahead of the Russian Bolsheviks. The jewels reportedly include the imperial Russian crowns and tiaras, Faberge eggs and opera-length strands of pearls, rubies, sapphires and diamonds. While fleeing through Mongolia, Meskhi-Gleboff is believed to have buried the jewels in the Gobi Desert.” Barham — who is the author of several books, including Marilyn: The Last Take, Rasputin: The Man Behind the Myth, and Peasant to Palace: Rasputin’s Cookbook — claims that her stepfather owned a map showing the treasure’s location. She says the map vanished after his death, but that “she knows the exact location of where the treasure was buried.” 

Dig, dig, dig!

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  1. this is bull-shit! Romanov-treasures is not in the very MONGOLIA-place…however…sniff, sniff and back, back to RUSSIA Territorium!!!!
    …..if you are really interested to dig it out !!!!
    As there are not the whole lot at one placed….there are few of them…
    Do you really want to restore the ROMANOV DYNASTY WHEN YOU FIND THE ROMANOV TREASURES ????
    As due to climate changes there are loads of possibilities to activate old treasures hidden in the earth….
    keep on digging then
    all the best if you are lucki somehow …?
    EVIE de Rothschild

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