Briton Scavenges Trip Halfway Around the World

April 1, 2009 at 2:03 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

twitchmain_768868aA 33-year-old Briton has made it all the way to New Zealand relying solely on freebies given to him by strangers with whom he communicated via Twitter. Paul Smith had wanted to travel all the way around the world, but yesterday in Auckland he called it a day. Smith had outlined his project months ago on his Twitchiker blog: “I’m hoping that Twitterers will offer me a car ride up or down the road, a bed or sofa for the night … or maybe they’ll have a ferry ticket they can’t use. If I can get out of the UK, then anything’s possible.”

Although he did not circumnavigate the globe, Smith traveled across Holland, France, Austria, Germany, America and New Zealand without spending a cent, musing: “I put my life into the hands of thousands of complete strangers in the belief they would propel me across the globe but equally I could have spent two days catching pneumonia on a park bench … I have been to some great places and met some fantastic people and I am grateful to everyone who supported me. It has never been done before and what it proves is Twitter is more than just a social network it is a human search engine.”

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