Thrift-Shop Finds Inspire Kate Moss

April 3, 2009 at 6:48 am | Posted in Celebrities | Leave a comment

mini-dressesYay! We love it when celebrities come out of the thrift-shop closet and announce that they love secondhand clothes, because in our celebrity-driven society, this just makes our job of de-stigmatizing scavenging soooo much easier.

In the Daily Mail, we learn that top model-turned-designer Kate Moss is launching a new line of clothes to be sold (new, retail, etc.) at the UK’s Topshop stores starting today. Yes, these clothes are mass-produced and factory-fresh, but Moss is telling media that she drew her inspiration for the designs “from vintage items picked up in thrift stores.”

According to the Daily Mail, one example is “a cute floral full-skirted dress … that takes its inspiration from an old vintage item Kate picked up in a thrift store in LA that did not fit.” Other items in the collection include full-skirted minidresses (two are depicted above) and snug bolero jackets. As noted in our book The Scavengers’ Manifesto, Moss has been a proud thrift shopper (or, as they say in the UK, “charity shopper”) for years.

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