Kylie Is One of Us

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kylie-minogue-5Kylie Minogue is a scavenger. She was recently spotted at a Salvation Army shop in her hometown: Melbourne, Australia. According to store manager Natasha Scott, the superstar singer — disguised behind large sunglasses —¬†bought two “summery” dresses, “a trendy little hat with a peak and a skirt” — all for under forty Australian dollars, which comes out to under thirty US dollars. According to Wikipedia, designer John Galliano once described Kylie’s fashion sense as “a blend of Lolita and Barbarella.” Let’s take that as a compliment.

Just Do It

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jeffersonnickel1Analyzing and catastrophizing the tanking economy is a bit of a luxury in the midst of … well, a tanking economy. Who has time for theory when we’ve got corners to cut and cash to save? Life on a $hoestring Budget is a blog packed with practical projects and inspiring ideas, from making baby blankets out of holey old sweaters to lowering your home’s hot-water temperature to acquiring free (and old and dilapidated, but still) houses being given away by developers who are subdividing property. Comb LOASB’s current postings and delve into its archives and you’ll emerge energized.

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