The Dumpster Wars

April 17, 2009 at 4:34 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment


After the Reno, Nevada city council recently proposed an “ordinance to restrict scavenging of garbage,” opposition sprang up in the form of, whose creator Christopher Moore lambastes such attempts to outlaw “this basic freedom in our community. This site is being created to advocate the practice of Dumpster Diving in the Reno area and inform the public and city authorities about this benign activity,” writes fifth-generation-Nevadan Moore, who laments that the proposed ordinance “targets some of the most downtrodden and voiceless individuals of our city: the homeless, the unemployed, the laid-off. Not to mention, it attacks the activities of Food Not Bombs, hobby curb crawlers, Freegans, trash bin divers, found object artists, dumpster divers, gleaners, recyclers, urban hunter gatherers and anyone who has ever retrieved perfectly good items from the trash, dumpster, curb or dump.”

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  1. Dumpster Wars the youtube video documenting the activities/guerilla communication project of Save Reno Dumpster Diving has been released. Check it out at:

    Christopher Moore
    Producer, Dumpster Wars

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