Round and Round and Round They Go, and Where they Stop….

April 27, 2009 at 1:28 pm | Posted in Celebrities, News | 1 Comment

us-quarter-backWe had a booth at a local Earth Day festival last weekend. Several passersby jokingly scolded us for selling a book about not buying anything. We half-agreed, but replied that a shopper would soon recoup the retail price of The Scavengers’ Manifesto by following the advice found therein. So it might be the LAST book that he or she ever buys retail.

Nonetheless, most authors find it a bit painful to imagine their books for sale at thrift shops and yard sales. Minnesota author Leif Enger told the Austin Daily Herald how it was for him:

“An old friend of mine took enormous joy in calling me on his cell phone from a garage sale in Iowa where he’d just found a hardcover copy of Peace Like a River” — his 2002 debut novel — “for 25 cents. I felt like a proverb about the insignificance of man, or a song by Kansas about blowing dirt.”

But ultimately, Enger said, “It made my day.”

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