Raunchy Pix Pop Up on Scavenged iPod

May 29, 2009 at 7:58 am | Posted in Finds | Leave a comment

aplipod3gA man who scavenged a secondhand iPod by buying it cheaply at a London shop, the Computer Exchange, found naughty pictures of scantily clad women on it when he took it home.

According to ThisIsLocalLondon, “The iPod also showed a young man posing with what looks like an air pistol.” Said the buyer, 27-year-old Kristian Towell of Brighton: “The photos were under different categories, which included ‘chicks,’ ‘me,’ ‘wifey’ and ‘family.’ The ones under ‘me’ are of a guy. In some of them he has his shirt off, in another he is posing with a gun. The photos under ‘wifey’ are pretty decent, but the ones under ‘chicks’ are quite raunchy.”

He said the pictures looked as if they were taken with a mobile phone.

“One of the pictures of a fully clothed girl looking back over her shoulder has the word ‘tramp’ scrawled on it. Others show a young woman posing in her underwear. The rest are of a man posing in a hoodie. One shows a man’s torso.”

In addition, Towell said, the iPod “was full of terrible music.”

Scavenged goods are full of surprises.

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