Thrift-Shop Donation Leads Cops to Meth Lab

June 1, 2009 at 6:39 am | Posted in News | Leave a comment

methamphetamine-crystalsSorting through a bundle of recently donated clothes, workers at a Missouri thrift shop found “a bag half-filled with a crystal-like substance,” according to a UPI story. (The bag is described as having been “in” one of the donated garments; it is not stated whether the bag was in a pocket, sewn into a hem, or ensconced in some other way.) On May 20, one of the workers called the cops to report the surprising find:

“Police said the substance left in the clothing was nearly $500 worth of methamphetamine.”

Police then “tracked the item of clothing” to a home in Hillsboro, Mo., where “a large meth lab was discovered.

“Cpl. Jerry Williams said the raided lab, discovered thanks to the worker’s call … was capable of consistently manufacturing a sizable amount of the illegal drug.

“The raid of the home resulted in the discovery of three children, ages ranging from 3 to 14, and the arrest of two suspects…. Matthew Velasco, 38, and Melanie Velasco, 35, now face charges ranging from possession and intent to distribute a controlled substance to felony child endangerment.”

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