Cross-Dresser Wows Crowd at Thrift-Shop Grand Opening

June 14, 2009 at 7:25 am | Posted in News | Leave a comment

crawleySome thrift shops — or charity shops, as they are called in the UK — “choose a soap actor or reality TV star to stage their grand openings,” we read at This Is Sussex. But last Wednesday a charity shop in the town of Crawley, 28 miles south of London, “went out on a limb — by getting monkeys, clowns and a drag queen to do the job.”

The YMCA Shop “got a drag act called Gabby to open the proceedings. The transvestite chose a rather unusual way to mark the occasion, by breaking the tape with her teeth.

“Shop worker Chris Nicholson said: ‘It was brilliant, we had a really good response from the public and they gave us a lot of support.’

“The team dressed up in various outfits to celebrate the opening, including a pirate outfit, a medieval princess and a member of children’s favourite, The Flintstones.

“Chris added: ‘We thought getting Gabby to open the proceedings would be great and she brought lots of fun. We had a really good time dressing up and it definitely attracted a lot of attention.’

“However, the shop workers suffered for their art, when a fire alarm meant the pirates, princesses and animals had to be evacuated onto the street, in their glorious garb.

“Chris added: ‘We were having something done with the electrics and it made our alarm go off. We were all evacuated for about 10 minutes, but it didn’t put a downer on the day.'”

Hey, the shop seeks donations and volunteers. So if you’re in Sussex and want to join the fun….

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