Bad Economy Kills Even Thrift Shops

July 10, 2009 at 1:24 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

We all know that lots of businesses have been forced to close because of this tanking economy. Well, even thrift shops are dropping like flies. The Salvation Army in Berkeley, California, was one recent casualty. has this story about another, in Ohio. Its headline is “Economy Closing Noble Road Thrift Store”:

“Marcie Coleman loves her store, and her customers have become like her family.

“‘I’ve spent some of the happiest moments of my life here,’ she said. But after about five years in the business, Coleman, 55, is reluctantly preparing to close the doors of her thrift store,” which is called Perfectionist.

“She will have items on sale until mid-July, but has started donating extra items to local charities.”

She also held a yard sale on July 4 to unload many items.

“Deciding to close the store was a difficult choice for Coleman, but mounting debt and the prospect of filing for bankruptcy gave her little choice.

“‘It was never about the money for me,’ Coleman said. ‘As long as the store could pay its bills and I could pay my help I was fine.’ But she can’t do that anymore. She is just another victim of the economy, she said.

“‘The store just isn’t making what it needs to make to stay afloat,’ she said.

“Coleman’s store sells a variety of thrift items, most of which she purchases at auctions. She sells clothing, appliances, shoes, movies, household items and toys. She also does office services including faxing, copying and notarizing. The store also sells snacks and pop.

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