Treasure Hunter Credits Dead JFK Jr. in Finding Sunken Pirate Ship

July 20, 2009 at 10:19 am | Posted in Finds, News | 1 Comment

From beyond the grave, JFK Jr. is helping a Cape Cod treasure hunter find sunken pirate loot — at least, that’s what the treasure hunter says.

According to the Boston Herald, “Barry Clifford is set to jump back into the waters off Wellfleet this week, seeking to bring up millions of dollars’ worth of pirate treasure from the sunken ship Whydah.” Clifford told the Herald that JFK Jr. had worked on the shipwreck 25 years ago and reported seeing a row of cannons there but, despite diving and searching, the famous young Kennedy was never able to recover anything.

“But two years ago, Clifford and his crew went back to the same spot, dug down deeper, and found 30 cannons, side by side. ‘They were right where John had said they were,’ Clifford said. ‘One of the divers came up with a compass. He said, “You’re not going to believe this.” I turned it over, and it had the initials JFK on it. John had lost it the first time he dived down there.’

“Clifford, who has been bringing up artifacts from the sunken ship for more than two decades, said he believes the bulk of the pirate booty will be found underneath the spot where those cannons were buried.

“’We know from records that the Whydah turned bottoms up before she sunk,’ he said. ‘The cannons were on the bottom of the ship for ballast. But when the ship turned over, the cannons crashed through the decks, and went to the bottom, pinning everything on the decks in between, underneath them.” …

“Clifford and his crew — aboard their boat Vast Explorer — will attempt to retrieve the treasure over the next few months. The 64-year-old treasure-hunter already has unearthed a wealth of pirate paraphernalia — clothing, weapons, tools and the like — from the ship, the only authenticated pirate ship ever recovered.

“Some of the booty is housed in his museum in Provincetown. …

“The Whydah, originally a slave ship, was captured by pirate prince Samuel ‘Black’ Bellamy in 1717. Bellamy hijacked and plundered 54 other vessels with the Whydah, before running it aground off Wellfleet in a ferocious nor’easter. All but two of the 146 pirates on board were killed and the bulk of its treasure has yet to be found.”

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  1. very intersesting data so far… I am new to this, but am interested
    in locating unusual finds from garage sales on treasures from the sea… thanx

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