Villagers Fret Over Tons of Scavenged Artillery

July 27, 2009 at 8:03 am | Posted in News | Leave a comment

bulletHundreds of thousands of scavenged bullets are raising a ruckus in China.

According to the Shanghai Daily, steel-mill owner Yang Changchun collected hundreds of thousands of spent bullets from an arsenal with plans to recycle them at his mill into other steel products. But first he wanted the bullets to be washed, so he dumped them on a roadside that runs beside a river near Chongqing, sparking widespread alarm.

“The bullets, estimated to weigh 30 tons, covered one-third of a road in Wanshou Village….

“Villagers were worried that the bullets could be used for evil purposes.

“Police officers were also stunned at the sight of so many bullets and told the newspaper they were unaware of such a deal between the arsenal and mill. They are investigating the case.

“According to Chinese gun management regulations, police are the only authorized body to destroy guns. Civilians are banned from using guns.

“Yang’s workers were seen washing the bullets at the roadside river. The cleaned bullets will be sent to Yang’s mill to be recycled into steel products, they said. The workers had been cleaning the bullets for four days….

“Yang’s mill had previously been punished by the local government for making poor quality steel products.”

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