Garbage Garb Is King at Trashion Show

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soda-canClothes made of paper, aluminum cans and other recyclables will get their chance on the runway at Canada’s upcoming Trashion Show.

According to British Columbia’s Arrow Lakes News: “The Nakusp Fall Faire is celebrating its 99th year this year, and in its pre-centennial year is featuring a new event with a focus on recycled clothing; the one catch is it’s not about the wares you’d find in the thrift store — it’s all about the recycling bin.

“’We had considered planning a fashion show as a fundraiser and I had the idea to combine our recycling theme and use it to raise funds at the Fall Faire,’ says this year’s coordinator Janet Royko. ‘Someone came up with the idea to call it a Trashion Show.’

“The trash-fashion show is free for entry and winners will be chosen by a public vote. Those who create their own clothing are allowed to use connecting materials such as thread, wire or glue, which do not have to be recycled. ‘The garments have to make a decent presentation and hold together for a walk across the stage,’ says Royko. ‘The person who made the item of apparel need not model it, another person can wear the item.’

“Royko gives ideas for recyclables such as using newspaper, tin cans and other metals, plastic bags and any other recyclable materials. “There may be some beautiful items of clothing which will have been made from recycled fabric and old clothing as well.”

“The event begins at about 1:30 on Sept. 12, after the judging for the Fall Faire and the Zucchini Races, and entries must be registered on Friday, Sept. 11, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“’It is something new and different to attract newcomers to contribute entries and more spectators,’ says Royko. ‘The recycled concept of “Trash to Treasure” is popular now.'”

Yeah — but I’m a little curious about those zucchini races.

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