Heather Mills Launches Recycled-Clothing Line

September 1, 2009 at 6:19 am | Posted in Celebrities, News | 2 Comments

millsPaul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills has launched a new line of clothing made with recycled fabrics. According to fashion-model Mills’ web site, “her fabulous new Be@one recycled clothing line” premiered last week:

“Society throws away over a million tones of clothing and textiles into the rubbish bins annually. Many of these items could be resold or remade into something new and exciting. This is why eco aware and fashion loving Heather had the idea to develop this new inspirational clothing line. The collection consists of women’s and menswear, designed for the assertive, fashionable and eco-conscious person. All the fabrics used in the pieces have been carefully sourced and remodeled into something unique and highly wearable. From a haute couture recycle lace white evening gown to a pair of high waisted trousers for the office, B@one is about to show there is nothing trashy about recycling unwanted clothing!

“Be@one will produce two collections per year which will be a tran-seasonal collection for men and women of all ages and backgrounds.”

Uh, that should be “trans-seasonal.” Isn’t it always sad when famous people (especially famous vegans) misspell words and you’re sitting there correcting them in your mind, thinking: I can spell better than so-and-so? Heather should hire me as a website editor or spelling coach.

“Not only is the clothing sure to create an impact but also the premier of a breathtaking video produced by Heather & edited by Bill Civitella which projects images of the beautiful world we live in and how it is changing through society’s carelessness.”

Mills’ clothes were first unveiled at the Celebrity Catwalk charity fashion show last Thursday in Hollywood.

“Celebrity Catwalk has been set up in order to help make a difference and support the National Animal Rescue that works tirelessly to improve the lives of homeless animals. The Humane Society estimates that animal shelters care for between 6-8 million dogs and cats every year in the United States. There are simply not enough responsible homes for all these innocent animals. Every year in Hollywood, the rich and famous lend their time and talent by hitting the catwalk for charity raising funds and awareness for national animal rescue charities. Jamie Fox, Nicole Richie and Melissa Rivers are a few of the luminaries who have hosted this fashion show in the past fusing the world of fashion and entertainment into one unforgettable evening for a wonderful cause. This years host” — Uh, that should be “year’s” … so she should hire me as a punctuation coach as well — “of Celebrity Catwalk is the lovely Bridget Marquardt, co-star of Girls Next Door. It promises to be a very busy and glitzy night for animal loving Heather. Heather’s hands on” — uh, that should be “animal-loving” and “hands-on” … hire me!!! — “approach in helping our furry friends is to be honored with an award to congratulate her commitment to animal activism. … Grammy award-winning” — uh, that should be Award, with a capital A; Heather, please contact me through this blog! — “singer Mya, high fashion Photographer” — please, that should be “photographer, with a lower-case p” — “and judge of Americas next top model” — good gosh! that should be America’s Next Top Model! See, Heather, it’s not so difficult — “Nigel Baker will also be receiving awards for their work helping to protect animals. Such an exciting fashion fundraiser for a very worthy cause.”

And it ends with a sentence fragment.

The blogosphere is laughing its head off at the clothing line. “Heather Mills creates laughably horrid eco-friendly clothing line,” jibes Celebitchy, which provides photos. “We couldn’t agree more that recycled clothes can be cool,” notes The Frisky, “just not the ones Heather made.”


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  1. I’ve noticed that with the economy has different types of companies start up an easysaver program on their website. Sounds like everyone is doing some sort of spin now to keep up with the slowing sales.

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