New Doc Celebrates Dumpster Diving

September 17, 2009 at 8:18 pm | Posted in News | 4 Comments

david-and-gregNow making the indie-film-festival rounds, I Love Trash is a new documentary from Green Planet Films. Allegedly it can be viewed for free here. The 76-minute film documents when happened when pals David Brown and Greg Mann (depicted at left) decided to buy nothing for a three-months period, scavenging everything from the trash instead. At the start of the project, they rent an unfurnished apartment and move in with just a flashlight and the clothes on their backs.

They end up well-fed, well-dressed, and the apartment is furnished lavishly.

But you knew it would end that way, didn’t you?

Here’s a blurb from Green Planet’s website:

“David Brown and Greg Mann try an experiment in waste. After recognizing the huge amount of waste in the United States, David and Greg decide to see just how much people throw away. They move to a new city and get an unfurnished apartment. They bring only the clothes they are wearing and a flashlight and decide to buy nothing for 3 months. All their food, clothes, furniture, electronics, art supplies and entertainment all comes from the trash. It turns out that they are not only able to ‘survive’ but are able to find everything they could need and more. During their project they find many other dumpster divers and discuss all the different reasons for dumpster diving. There are people who dumpster dive for environmental reasons, to stop so much waste from going into landfills. There are people who dumpster dive for the easy lifestyle it provides. There are people who dumpster dive for the fun of finding. There are people who dumpster dive for food. There are people who dumpster dive to make art. There are people who dumpster dive to make money. There are as many different people who dumpster dive as there are reasons.”

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