Oh, This Is Just Awful

October 17, 2009 at 3:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

The owner of a thrift shop in Stafford, Virginia was found murdered in his shop on Thursday. According to MyFoxDC:

“The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the murder of a shop keeper found dead Thursday morning. The victim is a well-known businessman and respected father and husband, 66-year-old Jimmy LeRose.

“His murder has sent shock-waves through the rural Virginia community. Police are still looking for the killer.

“There are bullet holes in the door of The Second Time Around Thrift Store, and a sadness is now setting in on this community.

“‘It’s horrible. Words can’t describe what a wonderful man he was and the kind things he did for everyone in the community,’ said Rhonda Mirvine, a family friend.

“It happened off of busy Warrenton Road. The thrift store sits next to the new Wal-mart

“The Stafford County Sheriff’s office says LeRose was killed as he opened his store early Thursday.

“Police say Mr. LeRose had gone to his store, located at 1183 Warrenton Road, at about 6:00 a.m., as was his custom. A family member found him dead at 8:13 am.

“Michael Carter has known LeRose for nearly 30 years and rents a house from him next door to the thrift shop.

“‘Total shock that something like this would happen– especially to someone like Mr. LeRose. I don’t know why they had to shoot him. He was the most friendly, outgoing, warm, gentle person you would ever meet in your life,’ said Carter.

“Family members say LeRose was shot in the back and the bullet came out his chest during a robbery.

Friends say the man never kept more than $100 in the store. They also say there was no need to rob him– he was usually very giving.

“With the economy being like it was, people would come in and say, “Jimmy can you buy this from me? I need cash.” Jimmy would buy it,” said Carter.

“Friends say LeRose was a fixture in the community and went out of his way helping people out. He didn’t run the store to make money– he simply liked staying in touch with his neighbors.

“‘He was retired. He was looking for something to do. He didn’t have to come here every day. He wanted to get out of house and talk to people, meet people,’ said Mirvine.

“The sheriff’s office is hoping someone saw who was near the store between 6 and 8 a.m. Thursday morning.

“The brutal crime has shaken everyone. The loss of such a beloved community member makes it even worse.

“I know he would have given them the money and let them go out the door. Why they did what they did is unbelievable. The whole family is devastated,” said Carter.

“The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information that may help identify the person or person responsible for this crime, or anyone who saw what happened at the Second Time Around Thursday morning to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (540) 658-4400.”

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