Thornton, Hopper Portray Scavengers

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41A new Nintendo Wii action game features a pair of scavengers searching for buried treasure in the desert. Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper provided the voices for the two seekers in “Deadly Creatures.” These scavengers, however, aren’t the game’s protagonists. Rather, gamers assume the roles of a tarantula and a scorpion who interface (wham! bang! crunch! bleed!) with a retinue of lizards, bugs … and treasure-seeking humans. Here’s a preview.

Scavenge Jacko’s Swingset

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michael-jackson-glove1In what some are calling the celebrity garage sale of the century, over 2,000 items belonging to the financially strapped Michael Jackson will be sold during a five-day  auction in Beverly Hills, April 21-25. The scavengeables include a gold-framed portrait of Jackson clad in Shakespearean garb; the wought-iron gates from Neverland Ranch, which is now in foreclosure; the singer’s famous jewel-encrusted glove; an antique two-person swing; an original painting by Macauley Culkin; a Peter Pan-themed golf cart, and many more garments, furnishings, and objets du freaky art. This is scavenging for the scavenger-who-has-everything, including beaucoups cash. Bidding for the glove is expected to start at $6,000; for the gates, at $20,000. (The Culkin painting, however, is expected to bring in “under $500.”) Jackson is said to be about $3 million in the red.

A slide show is here.

Sarah Palin’s Fav Consignment Shop Forced to Change Its Name

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sarah-palinSarah Palin’s favorite consignment shop has been forced to change its name, thanks to the publicity the vice-presidential candidate brought it. When Palin mentioned the Anchorage shop in an interview with Fox News last October, it was called Out of the Closet. When choosing that name, the shop’s owner Ellen Arvold had not realized that it was already the trademarked moniker of a Los Angeles-based thrift-store chain — whose lawyers served Arvold with a cease-and-desist letter. Rather than engage in a legal battle, Arvold agreed to change the name to Second Run. The change goes into effect today, which is the store’s fifth anniversary.

Following a hullabaloo about her expensive campaign-trail clothing, Palin told reporters that those clothes were neither her idea nor hers to keep. She said that she preferred to buy clothes inexpensively, and that her favorite place to buy them was “a consignment shop in Anchorage, Alaska, called Out of the Closet.”

According to this AP story, “Palin was last in the store a few days before McCain made her his surprise pick for vice president in late August, and sent Arvold a photograph from the campaign trail, showing her wearing a pink Dolce & Gabbana jacket she bought at the store.” Arvold said the Alaska governor subsequently sent her an apology “for all the flak we took, so that was really thoughtful of her.”

Welcome to the Scavenging Blog!

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Are you a scavenger? We are. And we think there’s a lot more of us out there than anybody realizes.

Scavenging is the first and only blog devoted exclusively to the concept of the scavenger. And we’ll also explore the philosophy of scavenging as a lifestyle (or a hobby), and the critical role it plays in the world at large.

So send us your tales of scavenging, your greatest triumphs and most bitter regrets. And start thinking of yourself as a scavenger first, above all else.

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