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Admission tickets to tourist attractions in the remote oasis town of Dunhuang, China have been marked down to half-price until June 30, in a nod to the global economic crisis. This historic city on the old Silk Road is home to the Mogao Caves, aka Caves of a Thousand Buddhas, where — centuries ago — monks amassed an astounding collection of scriptures and art.

We’d say “bon voyage,” but you should bone up on your Mandarin. So … shun feng!

An Easter Freebie

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ski-dondiego1Kids ski free today at Bear Valley! The snowy California resort sez: “Bring your 6-12 yr old child to the slopes on any Sunday in April (including Easter) and receive a FREE companion ticket for your child when you purchase a regular priced Adult ticket.” It’s not too late to get to the slopes….

World’s Cheapest New Swimsuits?

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mens-flip-flopTo aid shoppers planning their summer holidays in a tanking global economy, Britain’s “99p Stores” budget chain is now selling string bikinis priced at only 99 pence. The chain is also selling cowboy hats, sunglasses and flip-flops (seen at left) for 99p each. 

Hussein Lalani, 99p Stores’ commercial director, calls the swimsuits “‘the ultimate recession buster.”

Get your good deals where you can, while you can.

Free Stuff in Florida

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freeNow this is a great idea. Today’s St. Petersburg Times has a feature on free stuff available in and around Tampa, Florida, from free meals for kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Josephine’s Authentic Soul Food Restaurant to free computer repairs at the Temple Terrace Public Library to free classes in sewing, tap-dancing and more.  

All papers should have these things!

Economy Collapses; See Geysers Cheaply

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iceland-excursions01Make the most of the global economic crisis by scavenging half-price trips to Europe, advises Ed Hewitt at MSNBC.com. Long known as one of the continent’s priciest destinations and thus avoided by budget travelers, beautiful and geothermally interesting Iceland is experiencing “complete economic collapse.” The whole country’s bankrupt. A year ago, a taxi ride from the airport into Reykjavik cost the equivalent of $120. Now it’s half that. Hotel prices are slashed too. Checking Reykjavik hotels on Expedia, Hewitt found “a host of four-star establishments in the $77 – $116 range, including the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica at $108 dollars a night. Try finding that rate back when international bankers zoomed around the streets in SUV’s attending talks by celebrity investors and former presidents.” Hmmm. Herring, anyone? “Another region facing similar problems is Central and Eastern Europe. While these countries aren’t in such dire straits as Iceland, you can still stretch your travel dollars in places like Bosnia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Ukraine.”

Attention Shoppers

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zebra_burchell_grevyToday’s hottest bargain is … Kenyan tourist visas. They’ve been marked down to half-price — and kids can visit for free! According to the Telegraph:

“From April 1 until the end of next year tourist visas will be reduced by 50 per cent, while children under 16 will be exempt from all visa fees – a decision which will save a British family of four (with children under 16 years old) £90 per trip. A single entry visa currently costs £30 and multiple entry visa £60. The move is an attempt to boost tourism to the country following a huge decline in visitors from both the UK and the United States following the violence that erupted following the ill-fated elections in December 2007 and the ongoing financial downturn. Revenue from tourism, which is the country’s main foreign exchange earner, last year fell by 54 per cent compared with 2007, a year which saw a record two million tourists visit Kenya.”

Free Denny’s Breakfasts!

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crispy_bacon_1Denny’s is giving away free Grand Slam breakfasts today. As a promotional strategy, they’re serving the free repasts — which include pancakes, eggs, bacon strips and sausage links — to any customer visiting any Denny’s restaurant before 2 p.m. on Tuesday, February 3.

Welcome to the Scavenging Blog!

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Are you a scavenger? We are. And we think there’s a lot more of us out there than anybody realizes.

Scavenging is the first and only blog devoted exclusively to the concept of the scavenger. And we’ll also explore the philosophy of scavenging as a lifestyle (or a hobby), and the critical role it plays in the world at large.

So send us your tales of scavenging, your greatest triumphs and most bitter regrets. And start thinking of yourself as a scavenger first, above all else.

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