Blam! Pow! It’s Free Comic Book Day, Batman!

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crimess22maySaturday, May 2, is Free Comic Book Day. This means that comic-book stores all over the nation will literally give books away. The annual promotion, which began in 2001, was launched by comic-book publishers and distributors to bring more people into the stores. Among the freebies at participating stores are titles from the major companies DC (Superman, Batman) and Marvel (Spider Man, X-Men) and from smaller publishers such as Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite and Devil’s Due.

In Berkeley, California, Comic Relief is not only giving away freebies but also offering chances to meet a lot of artists, including Daniel Cooney (Valentine), Joseph Wong and Genevieve Tsai (Islands in the Sky), Daniel Salcido (Doodles of the Drunk), Joey Alison Sayers (I Wish You Were Dead) and Derek McCullough (Displaced Persons, T-Runt, Stagger Lee).

Get ’em while they’re free!

Bartering’s Back

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lilacshrubWhenever cash becomes scarce, swapping and bartering come back in full-force. These smart practices have been around ever since ancient human beings with one skill or possession met others with different skills and possessions and, rather than kill each other (which would ultimately end the supply), they decided to trade. Not that folks ever totally stopped swapping. But these days, it’s flourishing again and going mainstream — from Craigslist’s “barter” category to office-wide clothing swaps. Even commercial enterprises are adopting the model.

Highland Hill Farm in Pennsylvania is happy to offer trees and shrubs and design services in exchange for other items in the absence of cash or credit. The nursery’s owners will happily trade their own goods and services for such useful items as tools, plumbing and building supplies … or darn near anything. “You cannot insult us with off-the-wall offers,” is the title of a video at the farm’s web site. By “cannot,” they mean “No offer is too weird for us to consider,” not “cannot” as in “better not.”

We’ll be seeing more of this — you bet.

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