Twilight Sequel Script Scavenged from Trash

May 12, 2009 at 7:39 am | Posted in Finds | 10 Comments

twilight-still-staringIncredibly valuable screenplays for the forthcoming Twilight sequel and another forthcoming film were recently scavenged from a St. Louis trash bin. Because scripts for forthcoming films are normally kept very secret, these could have been sold to tabloids for big money, but the finder decided not to, according to the Morning Call.

While waiting for her fiancĂ© to finish work, beauty-salon owner Casey Ray noticed some interesting-looking documents in a trash bin outside a hotel where actors were staying during a shoot for the upcoming George Clooney flick Up in the Air. Ray’s find amounted to “two scripts, one for the vampire sequel New Moon and one for a different movie titled Memoirs. She decided to return them to the studio making the films. In return, she was invited to attend the movies’ premieres….

“It’s not clear how the scripts wound up in the bin…. When Ray found the scripts, she considered leaking them to a national tabloid but decided against it, said her lawyer, Al Watkins. ‘My client didn’t really want to get paid,’ he said, but she was interested in hanging onto the scripts as collectors’ items. Watkins helped her return them to Los Angeles-based Summit Entertainment LLC, the studio making the movies. He said the studio invited Ray to premieres for the two films, and will certify the scripts as authentic after the movies are released….

“The Twilight movies are based on the novels of Stephenie Meyer, so many of the plot turns are well known to readers. But keeping the New Moon script … out of the public eye preserves which elements of the book will be included in the film.”

But will Summit Entertainment pay Ray’s way to those premieres?

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