Man Bags $30,000 for Scavenged Mammoth

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mammothStrolling beside the Khroma River in the Siberian republic of Yakutia recently, Igor Lebedev noticed something sticking slightly out of the ground. Further inspection revealed it to be a baby mammoth that had been preserved in the permafrost before the river partly bared it, according to MosNews:

“Specialists of the Republican Mammoth Museum studied the find and alleged it to be a young mammoth corpse some 15,000-30,000 years old. The animal, who died at about two years of age, had its head, legs and some intestines well-preserved in the cold climate.”

The article goes on to say that in exchange for handing over his find, Lebedev “will now receive a reward of 1 million rubles,” which amounts to around US $30,000. Authorities are publicizing the reward, which was announced on Wednesday, in order “to avert mammoth corpses being sold on the black market rather than being given for research….

“In the past few years, mammoths have regularly been found in Russia. In 2004, the corpse of a one-year-old mammoth was found in Yakutia; in 2007, an extremely well-preserved six-month-old female was found in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area.” It is unknown how many have been scavenged and sold on the black market.

(The photo above, which accompanies the MosNews report, is from

Raunchy Pix Pop Up on Scavenged iPod

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aplipod3gA man who scavenged a secondhand iPod by buying it cheaply at a London shop, the Computer Exchange, found naughty pictures of scantily clad women on it when he took it home.

According to ThisIsLocalLondon, “The iPod also showed a young man posing with what looks like an air pistol.” Said the buyer, 27-year-old Kristian Towell of Brighton: “The photos were under different categories, which included ‘chicks,’ ‘me,’ ‘wifey’ and ‘family.’ The ones under ‘me’ are of a guy. In some of them he has his shirt off, in another he is posing with a gun. The photos under ‘wifey’ are pretty decent, but the ones under ‘chicks’ are quite raunchy.”

He said the pictures looked as if they were taken with a mobile phone.

“One of the pictures of a fully clothed girl looking back over her shoulder has the word ‘tramp’ scrawled on it. Others show a young woman posing in her underwear. The rest are of a man posing in a hoodie. One shows a man’s torso.”

In addition, Towell said, the iPod “was full of terrible music.”

Scavenged goods are full of surprises.

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