How to Make a Credit-Card Bracelet

May 14, 2009 at 2:49 pm | Posted in Recycling, Tips | 104 Comments

Everyone knows that credit cards are for buying stuff you can’t afford. You get the stuff now, but don’t have to pay until, uh, later. Credit cards are based on the obsolete premise that in the future you’ll have more money than you have today. In the current economy, using credit cards to rack up high-interest debt is the world’s dumbest idea. The time has come to throw that credit card away —

Or to give it a whole new life as something else. Instead of using your credit card to buy a bracelet, why not turn the card into the bracelet? Pretty much useless for their original intended purpose, credit cards are like the vanished currency of a long-lost civilization. And just as humans have always adorned themselves with shiny accessories made of old coins, the time has come to do the same with credit cards. More lustrous than real gold, durable yet permeable, “gold cards,” “platinum cards” and American Express cards in particular make glorious jewelry. Repurpose these relics into tomorrow’s gems.

A step-by-step photo guide

Before you get started, you will of course need to salvage an old credit card that you’ve discarded — or a new credit card that you’re about to stop using!

cut the cards into little pieces

1. Cut the card into your chosen shapes: squares, rectangles, and ovals work best. Try to get at least six pieces out of each card.

trim the corners until they are rounded

2. If you’ve chosen squares or rectangles, trim their corners to form curves. (A bracelet that jabs you or catches on things is not a fun bracelet.) Arrange the pieces in an order that pleases you.

drill two holes along each edge

3. Using an electric drill, make holes in each card-piece through which loops will be inserted. Ensure that these holes are close enough to the edges of the plastic to accommodate at least half the diameter of each loop. Also ensure that the holes are big enough to allow the loops smooth movement. (Lacking a drill, you can make holes in the pieces using a hammer and a small nail, but the impact will create unwieldy raised edges around the holes on the reverse side.) Interior pieces need two holes at each end (equalling four holes per piece); the terminating pieces need two holes on one edge and one central hole on the final outer edge (equalling three holes each) for affixing the clasp mechanism.

Thread connecting loops through each hole and squeeze them closed

4. Insert loops through holes to connect all the pieces. Squeeze the loops tight so that they won’t slip off. Affix clasp mechanism of your choice.

The final product

Voila! The final product.

Your new credit card bracelet

5. Enjoy your finished credit-card bracelet.

Other types of jewelry can also be made with credit cards.

A ring made from a credit card and broken windshield glass

The credit-card ring — with windshield-glass “gems” scavenged from the scene of an auto burglary.

earrings made from a Visa card

Credit-card earrings. Use your imagination to find ways of incorporating cards into other jewelry (or jewelry parts) that you’ve scavenged.


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  1. pretty damn cool!

  2. […] Scavenging has step-by-step directions to turn your credit card into a bracelet, ring, or earrings. Check it out! Below is one of their […]

  3. Wow, this is so creative! I’d love to link to this if you didn’t mind.

  4. Just found your site and can’t wait to follow your adventures in scavenomics!
    I love this concept.
    Where did the quote “Nothing is garbage anymore…” come from?

  5. What a great project… and kind of a phuck you to the credit card issuers who rob people blind everyday and then ask for bailout monies… lol… You could always make one of these and send it to the card issuer… Im sure many would be amazed by it and get a good laugh!

  6. This is sooooooo kewl, I will have to make these as soon as I can get the other supplies

  7. This is great! I’m gonna link from Dollar Store Crafts!

  8. What a totally fun idea!!

  9. Too cool!!

  10. I am so linking to this! You are a kindred soul indeed.

  11. […] cards. But don’t just cut them up and toss ‘em – make them into something awesome! The Scavenging blog posted a tutorial for making your plastic into cool jewelry. Thanks to Woof Nanny for the tip. […]

  12. […] I found this site called Scavenging that reuses…well, everything. It’s not really a crafting site, but definitely check it out for money-saving tips. With just an old credit card, some metal rings, and just a few tools to create the bracelet you can make something that looks like it came from a store. For some extra bling try using your platinum or gold card. Check out the full step by step directions here. […]

  13. Wo that looks like such fun and makes a statement at the same time.

  14. While I don’t have Platinum credit cards, I do have a ton of Starbuck gift cards that people seem to think I want. Now I know what to do this them. Thanks!

  15. all I get is a blank page for tutorial for guitar picks

  16. This is a good idea not just for credit cards but for gift cards. I’ve already been collecting old gift cards and have been looking for a use for them….think I found it :)

  17. If you expect to always pay your monthly bill in full, your best choice may be a credit card that has no annual fee and offers a longer grace period.

  18. What a really cool idea – I am going to make a bracelet this week. Thanks for the ingenious tip!

  19. Wow, this is so creative

  20. […] Image: Scavenging […]

  21. One good way to get over having to rip up your gold Amex card I guess!
    hope they have a platinum one to replace it with.
    All the best

  22. I love the irony of it all – especially using a GOLD amex card! Being frugal has never been so in your face! Sam

  23. What a fantastic idea!!! I LOVE this! I am a lover of scavenging.

  24. I try to stay away from credit card companies as much as possible. What a great alternative to the usual usage!

  25. […] Source […]

  26. WOW, this is a cool way to use the old card just sitting in a box in my house! love it!

    Read all the reviews of the jewelry stores that you are thinking to sell your gold jewelry at. Do you homework to get the best gold price.

  27. My wife would love one of the bracelets. BUT I WILL MAKE SURE I CUT UP ONE OF HERS NOT MINE. HAHA

  28. What a funky idea! I will do this soon. :) I have a ton of cards sitting around and need a weekend fun project to do. :P

  29. The ultimate bling Jewelry? Just wait till you see 50 Cent wearing one of these in his next music video! Nice Job. Keep the creative work coming.

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    Your blog is so nice.I really like it.
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  31. […] small banks in the US will do a separate credit check to qualify for a check card, this is not joke. Can you imagine going to a full service bank think you are getting all the […]

  32. I remember making one of those for my mom……a long time ago.

    The holidays are upon us and we have it all at great discounted prices.

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  34. I just love this credit card jewelry idea as a person devoted to eliminating credit card debt!!! I wonder if you could make a customer pair for my wife with her credit card.

  35. Very nice creative use of credit cards!! I agree that assuming that one is going to be making more money in the future is a risky assumption!

    thanks for the idea!


  36. Yeah,it is a good way to recycle your credit cards if you don’t need it anymore.Be fashionable and creative in a way of using materials available at your desk.

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  38. Thanks for the information!

  39. That is why I tell my readers at to get out of debt now and insulate yourself from any potential fallout of a failed world economy.

    What a great way to start by making something useful with your credit cards!

  40. Great information about making bracelet from credit card. I will definately consider your suggestion.

  41. This is great. This is for people who are very creative. Unfortunately, that’s not me. Thanks for the share

  42. It’s shit!!How people can cut theit credit cards!!it looks terrible!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Credit card blog…

    Charging haircuts credit card and chicken sandwiches to a Florida Republican Party credit card was a display of“ financial desperation” from Republican U. S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio , primary rival Gov. Charlie Crist said Friday….

  44. Interested in featuring this in a story, please e-mail me and I’ll send more details.

  45. […] este blog sobre productos de bajo costo (o gratuitos), comentan que en la situación económica actual no es recomendable usar […]

  46. This is great! I’m gonna link from Dollar Store Crafts! That’s great to hear! Please let us know what you think of it. I am greatly enjoying it, myself.

    0% apr credit card

  47. Hi there,

    In the spirit of your excellent blog – would you mind if I ‘scavenged’ the picture of the broken credit card for use on our home page to go with the main story that’s currently up there?

    Many thanks,

    Tim Stafford

  48. Debt is the slavery of the free..consumers need to eliminate debt.

  49. This is a good idea not just for credit cards but for gift cards.

    Credit Card

  50. this is about the only thing credit cards are good for! lovely jewelry

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    and it’s needed to be sorted at the earlier.

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  52. My credit cards are certainly useless now for anything but a bracelet. With every credit card company raising their rates (can someone say collusion?), even on people who have always paid on time, I refuse to support these crooks anymore!

  53. Fantastic – how did you ever think of this? Love it? I got rid of my credit cards years ago – maybe I can make a bracelet from my grocery store card. Your site is terrific!!

  54. Credit Card Tips

  55. I like credit card bracelet.

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  57. Pretty cool, now you got a real GOLD card bracelet. How about making one from a platinum card.

    Those cards serve no good purpose anyway… so slice and dice em up… and make them into Bling!

  58. Nice design, i would to make one credit card bracelet now.

  59. That’s a great and very ingenious design :) And also very cheap. I love free stuff, if you do as well you can find some more free samples on the website. Thanks again for sharing! Best Regards :)

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  62. Hey, very informative and interesting. Looks like you put a lot of effort and research into it. Keep up the good work!

  63. I definitely agree with you, I’m still paying for my debt for years now, I must admit it’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made, after I pay all my debt I definitely turn the cards into a bracelet like you have here, great idea, it also serve as a reminder not to do the same mistake again. Thanks for this, I’m glad I saw this.

  64. Very cute bracelet! I’m going to have to give it a try and make one of these sometime.

  65. That’s a great and very ingenious design :) And also very cheap. I love free stuff, if you do as well you can find some more free samples on the website. Thanks again for sharing! Best Regards :)

  66. creative idea, Ali that’s so great to hear! What a powerful mindset shift for you! :)

  67. Nice one :) The credit cards in your country look much nicer than the ones we have here.

  68. I swear in the last couple of months, I have seen at least 20-30 people with these credit card jewelry pieces. I assumed that it is something that every one purchased (with a credit card probably) becuase there were so many people that I saw with them. The most lavish one was this super long necklace that went practically down to the belly button and it was super colorful. Even though I wasn’t close enough to see all the logos, there was definitely three different card types. That lady must have completely gotten rid of every one of her CCs to make that piece.

  69. Woww,Really great,I like the way you have wrote.Great Work

  70. I wish I was creative and patient enough do make things like this. I prefer to use my credit cards to buy stuff but perhaps I can buy one of these from you, on credit. :) Really cute stuff, nice post.

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  72. […] credit card bracelet from Scavenging is a great one!  I love the fun look.  They provide a tutorial for this and also a ring and […]

  73. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well

  74. This is really interesting and awesome idea to make bracelet out of credit card. Good way to utilize the resources. Gonna try one.

  75. This has been a good information.Visiting here has been a good experience in my life. Hope to get more on the topic.

  76. now if i can buy someones old AMX Black to make one! how cool would that be?

  77. Pretty Cool, So amazing.

  78. Great bracelet from great cc, hahahhaa

  79. I just made one with a black amex that I got from ebay. My wife loves it! thank you for the great info.

  80. And for that reason jewelry contains distinct styles and style and looks.

  81. Love This. Would love to include this in an upcoming article, “5 Fabulous Up-Cycle Crafts” on my hub. Let me know if you’re okay with this, will give full credit and link back. :)

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  84. HAHAAH This is soo funny. You can also use cool gift cards since they’re useless anyways.

  85. Thanks mate it’s really useful !!!!

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  92. I want to make the circles like the earrings, what do I use to cut the cards with?

  93. […] bracelets 7.Easy macrame bracelet tutorial | 8.DIY — bracelet made from braided beads 9.How to Make a Credit-Card Bracelet | 10.Tutorial on how to make your own French braid bracelet 11.Rubber Band Chain Necklace and […]

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  96. i find this interesting use of old cards, but where can you find old cards? Some can be really cute. I don’t have enough of my own.
    Thank you

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